How Personal Tech Support Works

The needs of home PC users are diverse. Since we are not engaged in specialized computing tasks at home, the problems that we face are not restricted to hardware, software, or connectivity alone. Most common issues are such that deal with computer and data security, including securing banking and transactional information on your home computer and network. There might be issues installing an antivirus or enabling parental controls. Other related issues might deal with peripherals not working, hardware drivers, or programs and services not responding.

Virus infections and malware are the most commonly found issues on Windows home PCs these days. These could include anything from targeted hacks and loss of information to spam and spyware, and redirecting root kits. Internet security is the most popular protection software currently available on the market. This is because internet and Java based applets that are used to communicate malware is becoming increasingly common and have cross-platform capabilities. This kind of malware can infect both Windows and Mac OS X computers.

Compatibility is another problem that home users increasingly face when either the operating systems or the third party programs running on their computers get upgrades or become incompatible with previous versions. Personal tech support can help users overcome these issues, including errors that require advanced troubleshooting techniques or configuration tools. With remote support, any computer that is infected or has a corrupted hard drive can be fixed in Safe Mode with Networking. Internet connection issues can also be resolved with phone support available with PC help support.

Antivirus support is responsible for securing your PC and enabling advanced functions that protect computers against zero day virus attacks and behavioral hacking devices. This means that even an accidental download on the part of the user does not allow the program to execute a malicious operation on the host computer. Expert technicians use standard deployment techniques when it comes to recovering access to Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, or any other web mail service. Windows installation support will enable you to get the latest Windows updates, troubleshoot computer crash or blue screen errors, or reinstall a corrupted OS fresh from the start.

Printer and scanner support can help you troubleshoot an HP, Epson, or any other printer in no time. Tech help will reinstall drivers and get you the configuration support needed to connect printer to network. Troubleshoot almost any printer problem (drivers, printer network, spooler, Wi-Fi) with online tech support.

Top Solutions for PC Issues:

Windows Installation and Update Errors
Hard Disk or Data Loss
Back and Restore Data, Programs, and Settings
Troubleshoot Printer and PC Peripherals
Configure or Troubleshoot Wireless or Wired Network
Antivirus and Anti-spyware Protection
Computer Optimization and Tune Up
User safe and security
Webmail and Outlook Support
Windows and DLL errors, and Booting Issues
Cathy Stones brings her experience in working with tr

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Soon You Will Be One With Your Personal Tech Toys

Computer human interfaces are what is needed for the future. Using a keyboard to input data is a very slow process. If you use voice recognition or speech recognition software, it is three times as fast, and each year it is getting more accurate. Indeed, it may currently be more accurate than your ability to type correctly at the same level or speed.

However, in the future it will be so accurate it will put down exactly what you said, even if you didn’t say it right because it will correct your speech. Artificial intelligence is getting that good, and it will only get better in the future.

Of course, the most incredible leap forward will be when you can control your electronic devices, computer, or personal tech toys with mind control. In other words, you think a thought, and the computer stores it for you and captures that thought, or your personal tech device such as an ultra-smart phone sends that information to someone else’s smart-phone device, which then uploads it directly to their brain.

Anyone that thinks that this technology or those future innovations are not coming, certainly is not talking to the same people that I am, or they don’t realize how far we’ve come in the last three decades. Most people do not remember a time when cell phones didn’t exist.

Indeed, I remember doing business when we didn’t have a fax machine and I was fortunate enough to have one of the first cellular phones, and my phone bill was $1000 a month back in 1985. But it was worth every penny because I was in the service business and increased my efficiency tenfold.

In fact, I no longer had to sit in an office. I could be on a job site checking on one of our work trucks and still run all the business from my pickup. And that was only 25 years ago.

This was well before the Internet was anything to write home about. Are you beginning to see how incredibly advanced the technology got in just 25 years? And look at the advances in the smart phone technology since the year 2000? If you can dream it, that technology will soon be here. Please consider all this.

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